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Image Sylvia Raphaelo heads the design team for MIO Milano Fashion Studios. Ms. Raphaelo has been involved in fashion design for more than twenty years, creating unique and recognizable items of jewelry, clothing, footwear, handbags and wallets. Her pieces reflect a genuine style and innovation while combining remarkable appearance with practicality.

Ms. Raphaelo joined the MIO design team in February 2001. Since completing the Fall/Winter 2001 collection, resulting in a dramatic rise in popular demand for MIO, Ms. Raphaelo has continued to lead MIO’s fashion house with passion and purpose.

"I enjoy traveling, and I consider the excitement of being in a new place and meeting interesting people a very important tool for my designs. Many places inspire me to create an item that will carry inDesigner its look something from an experience I had. It may be the architecture of the place, the smell of the air, the people I see and meet, or a special atmosphere in an old coffee shop. I believe that people need to travel more and break barriers. I believe that traveling also helps me to create designs which are not only interesting looking, but also practical, easy and comfortable to use and contain some functionality that may serve the user well." - Sylvia Raphaelo. Chief Designer
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